Get a Token

Below are the two different variants of Interface Tokens that can be purchased.



Standard Interface Token

Direct Contract Transaction - Instant

Standard Interface Tokens are minted automatically by sending ETH directly to the token contract. Upon receipt of funds the contract will mint your tokens and your Ethereum address will be credited automatically. The stored hash is generated for each token at the time of minting using variables present at the time of minting. Standard Interface Tokens are minted without an assigned nickname but can be assigned one by the token owner at any time.

Manual Mint QR.png


Bespoke Interface Token

Manual Minting Process - Delayed

Bespoke Interface Tokens have all of the same data elements as Standard Interface Tokens however the stored hash is specifically the block hash of the Ethereum blockchain corresponding to the block height of the TokenID. These "keepsake" tokens allow users to "own" previous block hashes of the Ethereum blockchain within this platform and are limited to the total number of Ethereum blocks in existence. Bespoke Interface Tokens can be assigned a nickname at the time of minting. Note that due to the manual minting process these tokens may take up to 24 hours to be credited to your Ethereum address.